Committee Members


Rodney Blois :- Vice Chairman

Chairman:- Rodney Blois

Gained PPL in 1967 and joined the BPPA in 1983. Selected for the UK team in 1984 for the World Championships in Baldonel, Ireland. Regularly competed at International level since then. Best result was Bronze medal for UK Team in Cordoba Spain. Also entered London-Sydney Air Race and flown UK to Alaska and Cape Town to London. In 2009, Rodney flew a PA32 round the world via Mongolia, Siberia and Alaska. Holds a PPL//IR – currently 7500hrs. Joined the Committee of the BPPA in 1988 and was the BPPA Chairman from 1997 to 2007 and then re-elected in 2013. Rodney was recently presented with a Master Air Pilot Award from GAPAN for life-time services to aviation and in 2015 was also elected as President of the General Aviation Council (GAC) within the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI)

Vice- Chairman :- Martin Reynolds

Martin got involved with the BPPA shortly before he gained his PPL in 2004, flying with qualified PPL pilots as ‘P2’ in the Sportsman class events. On gaining his PPL he started flying as ‘P1’ in the Sportsman class before eventually entering as an Open class contestant. He has been a member of the British team for the last 10 seasons as a Navigator at the European and World Rally Championships. His ambition is to continue to develop his flying skills to enable him to compete as a Pilot in Precision and Rally flying at an International level. He currently has 500 hrs PPL and 550 hrs gliding. Martin was Chairman of the BPPA 2007 to 2013. Martin is keen to encourage new members into the sport and develop the social aspects of the club. He has a share in a Cessna 172, and has recently completed an IMC rating

Treasurer:- Peter Grist

Treasurer :- Peter Grist

Learned to fly in 1974 and joined the BPPA in 1984 when he represnted the British team at the World Championships in Ireland. Became a flying instructor in 1988 and retired from instructing in 2005 and from work in 2006. Has represented the UK team in Rally and Precision in France, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Chile, South Africa, USA, Italy and Spain either as a competitor, team manager, judge or juror. Has owned a Cessna aerobat, Taylor Titch and a Falco and currently flies a VANS RV7 and has 4500 hours in the logbook all in singles.

T Smiddy

Secretary :- Tina Smiddy

I have been involved with the BPPA for over ten years but I’m not a pilot.  Rather I take part as a keen supporter and have been to many of the International as well as National events.  I am qualified as an International Judge and have participated in this role at a number of International events.



Committee Member :- Chris Barnes

I learned to fly on Cessna 150s at Birmingham Airport in 1969, afterwards flying the then brand-new Beagle Pups. After a spell at the College of Air Training at Hamble, I joined BEA and flew the famed GroundGripper, aka Trident, until it was scrapped from under me, then the B737, and finally the Airbus 320 series until I retired a couple of years ago. My first aeroplane was an Auster, in which I began Precision Flying in 1984. I was selected for the team the next year, my first Championship being at Kissimmee in 1985, since when I have attended almost every International event. Mike Pepper and I bought an Aerobat which we both flew in events for many years, and we also formed a Rally team which is probably by now the longest-in-the-tooth-in-the-world, our best result being an Individual Bronze Medal in the World Championships in 1988. My best Precision placing was 7th at Cordoba in 2001, at which the Team received a Silver Medal. My present mount is a GlaStar which I built between 1997-2002 and I’m now building a Chilton DW1. My Dad gets the credit for introducing me to a word which has shaped my approach to competition flying….it is “stickability”.

paul smiddyCommittee Member :- Paul Smiddy  I started my flying “career” with an RAF Flying Scholarship and eventually joined the RAFVR/UAS. I currently have over 1500 hours with Night, Multi and IMC ratings on my PPL.  I took part in the London – Sydney Air Race in 2001 and have been competing in World and European Championships since 2003. With a flair for writing I am Editor of Air Pilot magazine and have also written a book “QuickLook at Flying” and currently the Owner and Editor of “Sky and Bullets” ( I am also Assistant on the Court of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots.  With Rodney Blois being elected GAC President I have recently taken on his old role as the UK delegate to the General Aviation Council (GAC) of the FAI.  My other interests are military history, Tudor England, Skiing and Sailing.





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