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This is the website of the BPPA and is therefore the ‘on line clubhouse’ to provide information, news and results about the Sport of Precision Flying and Rally Flying within the UK. New for 2017 will be the Association’s introduction to the UK of the exciting new Sport of Air Navigation Racing (ANR).  We aim to introduce pilots and navigators to these fun and challenging sports and although we hope all members will enjoy themselves and take part (even if only for fun and on a non-competitive basis), those that wish to progress and raise their level of expertise will be encouraged to attend additional training sessions and try for places on the Great Britain Flying Team.  We do try and have an active social side to our activities which helps involve partners and friends of members.  We are not all exclusively pilots, as navigators/unqualified pilots are welcome to fly as part of a Rally or ANR crew or in a Sportsman’s Class crew in a Precision Flying competition.  Please feel free to contact us for more information and we look forward to meeting you in the near future.
The BPPA is made up of male and female members from around the country, who range from recently qualified PPL holders to very experienced ATPL Airline pilots. Even pre-PPL holders and non-pilots can participate by flying as part of a two person crew as mentioned above.  The club holds a number of flying events each year that are hosted at different airfields. For 2017, the events will take part over a weekend, with both days allocated for planning purposes. Ideally the competition will be flown on the Saturday, with the Sunday as a backup day if the weather proves to be unsuitable on the Saturday. Competitors are welcome to arrive on the Friday evening, although it is normally up to competition entrants to sort out accommodation booking, be it airfield camping, local B&B or 4 * Hotel (the choice and budget is up to you!) the organiser can normally advise and assist when required.

Additionally due to the close ties between the BPPA and the FFA (the French equivalent of the UK’s Royal Aero Club), BPPA members also attend some of the competition weekend events organised by the FFA.  A number of their events are held in the Northern areas of France and can be reached easily by a 2 to 3 hour flight from the UK.  These events provide excellent training for those wishing to improve their competition skills to compete at the International level.

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